Monday, October 5, 2009

The Blogger’s Bill of Rights

1. Anyone has the write to give their opinions about anything, for any reason. [i.e. They have the right to take pictures of their food, the right to be boring, the right to be wrong, and the right to rip their rivals.] They have, in short, a right to exist.

2. No blog or website should be read for one minute longer than it remains useful or entertaining.

3. Blogs should able to freely link to each other and quote to fair use standards, and to use each other’s images when credit and linkage is given.

4. Blogs are not responsible for the general rancor and malevolence of their commenters.

5. Blogs neither have to make money, nor be owned by a legitimate solvent entity, nor hew to any established standards of print journalism. They don’t have to be “interesting.” They don’t have to be “relevant.” They don’t have to appeal to anyone but their makers. And in that lay their special virtue. NO BLOG IS EXTRANEOUS.